Flags for our Holy Work

For donors to the work of the Order, we offer the gift of the following flags, in 2 special edition Investor Kits:

The Banner of the Holy League of 1571

is our copyrighted historical reproduction of the original Ensign which flew on the Flag Ship of the Supreme Commander of the Holy League, Don Juan of Austria, at the Battle of Lepanto, October 7, 1571 A.D.

This reproduction shows the Battle Flag of Lepanto designed by Pope Saint Pius V: with a Crucifix supported by the Shields of the members of the Holy League of 1571:  King Philip of Spain, Saint Pius V, the Republic of Venice, and Don Juan of Austria, all united by the Chain of the Rosary. The Pattern symbolizes the Fleets of the Holy League in formation, and the woven border recalls the power of the Chain of the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary protecting all the ships and sailors.

Our Historical Reproduction of the Battle Flag of Lepanto is double sided with gold-colored tassel trim. It will have a pole sleeve for mounting on any rod or pole. It will be fit for processions, not for mounting outside in the weather. It measures 36″ by 63″ inches, is printed on BOTH sides, upon woven polyester, and has a sleeve on the left side to mount it on a pole for carrying it in processions or in public.

This reproduction is available in the USA for a capital donation of $200 USD*

To obtain a Flag, make a donation of $135 USD by pressing the button below.  Make sure to give us your Surface Mail Address!


To Order this Flag from all other Nations, there is an added shipping cost of $40 USD*

To make a Donation, and leave your address for package shipments, please press this button:

* NOTE WELL: Due to our miscalculation of expenses to offer the gift of this Flag, this introductory offer at $135 (175)  ended once we had received 150 orders. We have only limited numbers of this edition of the flag. Once these are exhausted, well will no longer offer this 2-ply version of the flag as a gift.

** SHIPPING REPORT:  As of April 11, 2018, all orders have been shipped.  Foreign orders were shipped April 11, by US Postal Service First Class (or Priority) and should arrive in about 3 weeks.  Domestic Orders were shipped March 7 to April 11, by US Postal Service Ground Shipping (or Priority) and should arrive 2 weeks after shipping. Due to our lack of a professional in-house fulfillment department, we ask pardon for those donors whose orders were not filled in the order they were received, as many of our clients in the U.K. will know. Those who ordered 2 flags or who are in the Western USA may receive the Flag in a priority mail box, to reduce our costs. If you do NOT receive your flag kit by May 12th, please contact our offices so we can investigate the matter!


Insignia of the Ordo Militaris Catholicus

Our Insignia measures roughly 3′ by 3′, and has grommets to be flown from a flag pole. Its a sewn flag and is identical on front and back, made of heavy nylon, and is an all weather flag.  In the USA its available for a donation of $100 USD.

To make a donation, and leave your US address, please press this button:






Please note that for each flag the size and colors may vary slightly from the descriptions above.  Donations here are Capital Donations, which are NOT tax deductible, and go to Ordo Militaris Inc., a Montana Corporation dedicated to providing defense and security services to Catholics persecuted by Jihadis.

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