Become a Herald (OMC H) in the Order

Become a Herald in the Ordo Militaris Catholicus, and share in the merit, honor and glory of assisting in the defense and security of persecuted Christians.

This is the third level of membership in our Order and shows that you support our honorable and noble goal of defending Christians from persecution.

Heralds in olden times where the official military representatives of kings, princes and noblemen, who announced their approach, entry or decrees. They often wore the colorful coats bearing the heraldic symbols of their prince and a trumpet with which to make their presence and announcements known.

To become a Herald make a one time pledge of $300. Your membership is valid for one calendar year. The one who makes this gift is accorded the dignity of a Herald (OMC H), but does not acquire any obligation of further service or duty to the Order.