Become a Knight Chevalier (OMC KC) or Dame Chevalier (DC) in the Order

Become a Knight in the Ordo Militaris Catholicus, and share in the merit, honor and glory of assisting in the defense and security of persecuted Christians.

This is the fifth level of membership in our Order and shows that you support our honorable and noble goal of defending Christians from persecution.

Knights in the ancient Military Orders were those member of the Nobility who could fight under their own standard and conquer and rule lands in their own name. But by joining a Military Order they forsook all that gain and glory for the sake of Christ, instead pledging themselves to increase the power and honor of the Order by their generous service and noble deeds. Many today are descendants of the knights of old, through lost and forgotten ancestors, but few there are who share with them still their spirit of courage and valor, like the Knights in our Order.

Men who make a one time pledge of $1200 acquire the dignity of a Knight Chevalier of the Order (OMC KC); women, the dignity of a Dame Chevalier (OMC DC), but neither acquires any obligation of further service or duty to the Order. Your membership is valid for one calendar year.