Crusader Option Subscription

The time is fast approaching when action may have to be taken quickly to put the Crusader Option into effect.

However, when that time comes it will be impossible to offer this option to everyone.

For this reason, if you wish to obtain an exclusive position on our short list of potential participants in this offer, we are offering such for a one time payment of $100 USD.

This subscription is non refundable. There are no other implied guarantees other than those specified here.

Those who are subscribed will have the first rights to participate in this project, pending that they pass a back-ground check. Those who do pass such a check will be able to participate if they meet the minimum investment level per person. This level is presently set by our Corporation at $100,000 per person.

Please note that this offer is made subject to US residency laws, such that, if you cannot legally reside in the United States of America, you can only participate financially and not in person.

When determining who to consider to offer refuge in a Crusader Option real estate development, our Corporation will exclusively use this Subscription List.

One subscription is sufficient per nuclear family (related by blood and marriage, one father and mother, and children, or siblings of the same parent). Non-family members are not included. You can purchase more than 1 subscription, and are free to sell your subscription to a third party. In such a case inform our offices of the new contact's contact information.

Please Note: For your convenience, you can now make your payment via SOFORT (EU Bank Wire), iDEAL (Netherlands), Apple Pay, Google Pay & Google Bitcoin, Microsoft Pay, VISA/MasterCard Credit Cards, Debit Cards (including PayPal Debit Card), in more than 30 currencies. 

To subscribe to this list, please click the button below: