Holy League 2018!

The Holy League of 2018 is a «Deus Vult» for Europe, according to Pope John Paul II

Faithful to the call by Pope John Paul II, that the Church of the Third Millennium fight against the Islamic Invasion of Europe, Ordo Militaris Inc., the private military corporation founded by Ordo Militaris Catholicus, issues this call for the formation of an international Alliance to oppose the Islamic Invasion of Europe!

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Ordo Militaris Catholicus is a defense and security initiative begun by Catholics after the martyrdom of Father Jacques Hamel, on July 26, 2016. In the USA, the national chapter of the Order has founded a private military corporation in the State of Montana to organize the offering of defense and security services and the foundation of other similar defense and security companies throughout the world for the protection of Christians who are persecuted for their faith.

On October 22, 2017, Monsignor Mauro Longhi a personal friend of Pope John Paul II related the vision he had of the Islamic Invasion of Europe, which would be a more deadly and dangerous tribulation for the Church than any which had come upon Her in the 20th Century!

Here is the actual video of Monsignor’s testimony, in Italian:

La Nuova Bussola broke the story in Italian on Nov. 18, 2017. The words of Pope John Paul II, as transcribed, were as follows:

«Ecco allora che Wojtyla cambia tono e voce – continua il monsignore – e facendomi partecipe di una delle sue visioni notturne, mi dice: “Ricordalo a coloro che tu incontrerai nella Chiesa del terzo millennio. Vedo la Chiesa afflitta da una piaga mortale. Più profonda, più dolorosa rispetto a quelle di questo millennio”, riferendosi a quelle del comunismo e del totalitarismo nazista. “Si chiama islamismo. Invaderanno l’Europa. Ho visto le orde provenire dall’Occidente all’Oriente”, e mi fa una ad una la descrizione dei paesi: dal Marocco alla Libia all’Egitto, e così via fino alla parte orientale. Il Santo Padre aggiunge: “Invaderanno l’Europa, l’Europa sarà una cantina, vecchi cimeli, penombra, ragnatele. Ricordi di famiglia. Voi, Chiesa del terzo millennio, dovrete contenere l’invasione. Ma non con le armi, le armi non basteranno, con la vostra fede vissuta con integrità”».

This transcription omits the final words, as a Maginot Line, a barrier, which we add here in our official English translation, of what is found in the video at 45:45 and following:

“Remind those whom you will meet in the Church of the Third Millennium of this.  I see the Church afflicted by a deadly wound: deeper, more painful in comparison of those of this century: Islamicism is its name.

They will invade Europe.

I saw the hordes come from both the West and the East, from Morocco to Libya to Egypt…from the East.

They will invade Europe.

Europe will be like a wine-cellar of civilization, old memorabilia, shadows, cob-webs!

You Church of the Third Millennium! you must check the invasion! But not with arms, arms will not be enough! With your Faith lived with integrity: as Maginot Line! a barrier.

Call for the Formation of an International Alliance to oppose the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Mindful that God gives His servants visions and inspirations to guide the faithful in future trials and tribulations, we consider it a duty before God to heed this call of Pope John Paul II and organize an alliance of arms and prayer to check the Islamic Invasion of Europe, by means of working to convince nations of Europe to enter into diplomatic agreement to achieve this.

This effort to convince European governments and to organize a united effort of public and private entities we call the Holy League of 2018.

Organizations which are interested in joining this #HolyLeague2018 Alliance, should contact our offices.

Individuals who would like to fund our efforts to organize an international conference to form this Alliance and work to the formation of a coalition of nations collaborating in military, security, legal, diplomatic and humanitarian efforts to stop the Islamic Invasion of Europe can do so through the PayPal Donation button below!

For more information on this Holy Alliance, revisit this page in coming weeks.

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Events for the Holy League initiative in the Spring of 2018 A. D.

In the Spring, it is our objective to organize conferences in each of the capitals of the European Continent. If you would like to volunteer to assist in this work of organization, contact our offices (See contact page).

These conferences will have the following objectives:

  1. To Make Known the Holy League 2018 Initiative, its essence, purpose and objectives, in a clear and precise manner in the local languages of each nation.
  2. To solicit the interest of private persons, Non-governmental organizations, Political parties and Religious authorities in joining in a pan-European effort to achieve the goals of the Holy League
  3. To lay the foundation of a Working Committee in each Nation in charge of publicity, promotion, fundraising, and solicitation of support for this initiative throughout 2018 and beyond.
  4. To explain the role of Ordo Militaris Catholicus, the international defense and security initiative and the help it can give to each working committee.

Each conference should be planned to take place within the period of Feb. 1, 2018 to June 1, 2018, and to take place at different times, so that speakers who wish to attend more than one conference will not have a conflict in scheduling. This means there should be 1 to 2 conferences each week during the 16 weeks.

Events for the Holy League initiative in the Fall of 2018 A. D.

In the Fall, its our objective to organize the following events:

Sunday, October 7, 2018 A. D.: A Day of Prayer for Europe on the Anniversary of the Victory of the Holy League at Lepanto, in 1571, during which there would be public prayers offered throughout Europe, in towns, cities, churches, piazzas, monasteries, houses of government, etc. to invoke the protection of God Almighty to protect Europe from the menace of Islamic invasion and domination.

Saturday/Sunday, October 13-14, 2018: An international Conference to Sign the pledge to work for the formation of a new international Alliance to protect Europe from Islamic Invasion, at which the signatories will hear informative presentations about how to lobby the political leaders of their own nation and obtain the agreement of governments of Europe to sign on as members of the Holy League and collaborate with the other members of the League to achieve its objectives and maintain the defenses of Europe against Islam in perpetuity.



Featured above is the image of the Standard of the Holy League of 1571, called by Pope Pius V.





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