The « Deus Vult! » Capital Campaign

We scarcely realize, as Christians, that we have it in our power to raise a military force for the defense of Christendom from Jihad! We do not need to petition world leaders, or call conferences or sign petitions.  We already have all that it takes to accomplish the task, because God our Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit have already BLESSED us with everything we need: the men, the talent, the riches, and the know-how.

Likewise, our compassion for persecuted Christians must have foresight and be prudent over time, because if we only let our selves be moved to help them when we see images of their suffering caused by persecution and do not take action to prevent the persecution, we will never support their military defense and security and they will remain victims on account of our carelessness!

These truths are at the heart of the #DeusVult Capital Campaign — the private initiative of Ordo Militaris Catholicus to found and organize an international effort to create an Holy Alliance of Private Military and Security companies dedicated to the defense and security of Christians who are persecuted for the faith.

In 2016-2017, we took the first step by establishing a US Corporation dedicated to the defense and security of persecuted Christians:  Ordo Militaris, Inc..

Being a military and security effort, in accord with all applicable laws governing private efforts, to be successful we will have to raise the capital needed from the superabundant wealth with which the Lord Jesus has already blessed us, not for our own good, but so that we might be able to serve Him and care for His people!

OMC Radio Program on our #Deus Vult Capital Campaign

To learn more about the #DeusVult Capital Campaign, please listen to our Blog Talk Radio Program about it, by clicking the Blue Cross to the Right! Thank you!

The First Round of Seed Investment sought by our Private Military Corporation has these goals:

  1. To raise $500,000 to acquire a facility suitable for a world headquarters to organize and assist the spread of this initiative throughout all the earth.
  2. To raise another $4,500,000 to establish a professional military training base for Basic Combat Training and Mission Deployment.
  3. To raise another $5,000,000 to found private military and security companies in other Christian nations to serve as their National Headquarters in the mobilization of volunteers, donors and investors locally.

The First Step in our goal is to raise $500,000 to purchase about 4000 square feet of office space in Montana, USA.

To accomplish this goal, you can assist by either Investing your Capital with us, or Donating your Capital to us.

To invest, see our Investment Page for our Y01 Stock, which sells for $1000 USD per share.

The #DeusVult Capital Campaign — First Phase

Since the acquisition of so much capital will take publicity efforts to get the word out, we are raising here $6500 to put a newspaper advertisement in a Conservative Newspaper in Washington, D.C..

By means of this advertisement, we seek to gain significant pledges of capital and investments to reach our first goal of $500,000, since an advertisement placed in the Nation’s Capital is more likely to spark and spread the news of our initiative throughout the entire United States of America.

Many thanks to all the Members and Supporters who invested with us, so we could make this DC appeal possible.

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