Flags for our Holy Work

The Banner of the Holy League of 1571

is our copyrighted historical reproduction of the original Ensign which flew on the Flag Ship of the Supreme Commander of the Holy League, Marcantonio Colonna, at the Battle of Lepanto, October 7, 1571 A.D.

This reproduction shows the Battle Flag of Lepanto designed by Pope Saint Pius V: with a Crucifix supported by the Shields of the members of the Holy League of 1571:  King Philip of Spain, Saint Pius V, the Republic of Venice, and Don Juan of Austria, all united by the Chain of the Rosary. The Pattern symbolizes the Fleets of the Holy League in formation, and the woven border recalls the power of the Chain of the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary protecting all the ships and sailors.

The current version of our Lepanto Flag,which is being offered is seen here:

This is a photo of one handing in a doorway of our Commandery at Warsaw, Poland.

Our historical reproduction flag was designed on a careful study of the original copies still extant with reference to the historic dyes and colors of the 16th century, to achieve the same color scheme as would have been seen by the heroes of Lepanto fighting under its colors.

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We ask you to assist our effort to help persecuted Christians by purchasing as many flags as you can and gifting them to friends and family.

This version of the Flag measured approximately 36″ by 60″, is hemmed, on nylon, with 3 grommets to be flown on a flag pole. It is printed in full color and the image is clearly visible on both sides.

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