Customer & Privacy Policy

1. To contact our  Corporation for any reason, please go to the Contact Page.


Your personal information shared with our Corporation via our website Ordo-Militaris.US is not shared with any other entities.  Furthermore, except as required by law, we do not share unredacted records of our client’s personal information with any non-employees of our corporation, for any reason whatsoever.

As regards payment systems employed at our website, please know that transactions are not processed at Ordo-Militaris.US, but by those payment gateways. Information about your purchase, subscription or payment is retained by our Corporation for the purpose of fulfilling your order and communicating with you in case of any difficulty we have in fulfillment, or in response to your raising any issue with us.


We offer refunds for all items purchased upon request, with this limitation only, that if the item is a physical product, it must be first returned to our corporation intact in the same condition as shipped, though it does not need to be shipped back in the same packaging.

If we determine that the substance of the reason for the return was caused by any error on our part, we will refund also the cost to ship the item back by regular surface mail.

To request a refund, please contact our offices, prior to mailing the item back, so that we can give you information about how and when to send it and how it should be packaged for shipment.

Refunds are paid out in the same form the original payment was made. That is, if by an electronic payment gateway with a refund or reverse charge on your Credit/Debit card. If by check, by a corporate check send through the surface mail. If by a bank wire, by a reverse bank wire. When you actually receive your refund, therefore, is subject to the time delay these systems impose as to when they actually effect the refund. In some cases, payments by credit card are refunded by these systems only 5 to 10 business days after our corporation asks them to return your money.

We take pride in our customer relations, and have never received a complaint from any customer which we did not immediately address.


Pledges, subscriptions and recurring payments can be cancelled at any time for any reason. Simply call our offices and we will cancel the recurring payment immediately, and notify you after the cancellation is initiated. Please understand that payment systems may effect the cancellation some hours or days later, but that this is outside of our control.

If you would like to make any other particular requests regarding cancelled recurring payments, please contact our offices, as we aim to leave every customer satisfied.


Those of our clients who purchase our products from outside the United States and its territorial possessions should understand that the item upon delivery in your country may be subject to customs or tarriff. The duty to pay these is entirely those of the client, and these are not included in the price of any item.


Sales taxes applicable in any State or Territory of the United States are included in the price of the items sold by our Corporation. If for accounting reasons, you wish to know what are the taxes collected on your transaction, please contact our offices, though you can presume they are the standard sales tax rate in your state, IF your state collects sales tax on sales via the internet.


Our website is protected by multiple layers of security and uses a PCI compliant interface for all payments received. If you have concerns about a breach of security as regards your personal information do not hesitate to contact our offices during regular business hours. Our business phone number if 1 406 299 9260 and receives SMS messages from most devices.


Feel free to contact our corporation for any reason whatsoever, if you have questions or suggestions regarding any of our corporate activities.

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