JOB AD — WANTED Basic Instructors for Youth Security Camp USA

Instruction Details

Ordo Militaris, Inc. seeks an experienced Instructors who will design, implement, and instruct a basic security training program for new recruits. The individuals as a group will:

  • Train recruits in basic combat tasks and skills, hand-to-hand combat etc..
  • Train recruits in surveillance, closes quarter protection, escort and guard duties and responsibilities.
  • Train recruits in the basics of forensic investigation, interrogation, persuasion techniques and skills.
  • Train recruits in the basics of first aid for security and combat situations.
  • Train recruits in close order drill.
  • Instruct in nomenclature, disassembly, assembly, and functioning of small arms and train or assist in the training of marksmanship for pistols and rifles.
  • Train recruits in the fundamentals of military life including personal hygiene, first aid, military bearing and neatness, and care of clothing and equipment.
  • See to the development in the recruit of discipline, physical fitness, pride, and a sense of the fraternity of the order.
  • Maintain records and prepare reports, providing counsel to corporate leadership on all pertinent aspects of the program prior and during each course iteration.
  • Collaboratively assess and determine staffing needs for Training Team according to larger and smaller recruit classes throughout the year.
  • Work cooperatively with religious leadership to design a basic combat course that is distinctly Catholic in all regards (to include training, instruction methods, and individual comportment) and will include a complete course of instruction in Catholic Religion for adults. While the religious component will be taught by competent staff, the character of these teachings must be integral to the design and experience of the course as a whole.

Requirements for Instructors

  • Prior E-5 or above Drill Instructor or equivalent in any branch of U.S. service, discharged honorably or proven experience and certification in Security and Police training of the kind given at Police or Security Academies.
  • DD-214 and proof of graduation from the Drill Instructor School or service equivalent.
  • Three years of service as a Drill Instructor or equivalent at a recruit training or officer instruction school.
  • Applicants with fluency in more than one language are preferred, due to the international character of the organization.
  • The candidates will be a practicing and serious Catholic or have similarly extensive experience and knowledge of the Catholic Religion, will be willing undergo a background investigation, and will present a good example of faith and discipline to new recruits.
  • The selected candidates will report directly to the President/CEO of the corporation and is expected to show the personal and collaborative initiative, determination, and flexibility to make the basic combat course a professional and successful program.
  • Commensurate with ability to provide the different training we seek, we are looking for candidates who can be available during at least 30 day periods of the 90 day program of our training camp, remaining on site for the entire time of the period of their employement.

Remuneration:  Pay will be commensurate on experience.

Contact us through our Contact Page

If you have questions about this position, call our office.  To apply for the position, send in the documents listed at the bottom of our Sign-up page. — We are looking for 2 to 4 individuals to serve as instructors during our 90 day course, and 2 instructors with command experience to serve during our 9 month volunteer program.

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