Ordo Militaris Catholicus founds Montana Corporation

On April 17, 2017 A. D., the international religious association, known as “Ordo Militaris Catholicus”, a defense and security initiative of Catholics for Catholics who are suffering persecution for the faith, founded a private military corporation in the State of Montana, USA.  You can view the Articles of Incorporation on line at the Montana Secretary of State (Goto mtsosfilings.gov and search under our name).  The new corporation is known as Ordo Militaris, Inc..

The purpose for this foundation was to take advantage of the State of Montana’s beneficial environment for private military corporations and their associated professional associations.  Montana, notably, is one of the eight States in the United States where private military corporations can offer military training to civilians, veterans and members of the US and foreign armed forces.

Ordo Militaris, Inc. of Montana and Ordo Militaris, Inc. of Wyoming have entered into an agreement to merge

April 19, 2017 A. D.: Each of the private military corporations, Ordo Militaris Inc., respectively of the States of Montana and Wyoming, which were formed and operate to assist the international religious association know as Ordo Militaris Catholicus, have by the mutual decision of their boards of directors, entered into an agreement to merge.  The successor corporation, Ordo Militaris Inc., of Montana, will succeed to the rights and prerogatives of both corporations and all the assets of each, including this website: Ordo-Militaris.us.  All outstanding and declared series of stock in the Wyoming corporation will be assumed and reissued by the Montana corporation.   Upon the merger, the Wyoming corporation will cease to exist and have no further activities in the State of Wyoming. After the merger is consummated, further notice will be given on the News Page of the Corporation.

Ordo Militaris Inc., Wyoming Dissolved

On May, 15, 2017 A. D., following the merger of Ordo Militaris, Inc. of Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA, with its namesake of Helena, MT, USA on April 19, 2017 A. D., the Board of Directors in accord with norms of business practice dissolved the Wyoming corporation (recorded by the WY Secretary of State on May, 23 following).  This dissolution consummates the agreement to merge of the two entities, which was entered into on April 19th past.

The effective move of the Corporation to the State of Montana was required by the written decision of the Governor’s Office in Wyoming to practically require our Corporation to obtain a license under W.S. 19-8-104, but in practice to a priori deny our Corporation the possibility of applying for a license, as provided by the Statute, in violation of our Constitutional Rights of free speech, Free Assembly, Due Process and Equal Application of the law. Rather than a costly legal battle with the Governor of Wyoming, which several lawyers opined would surely be a victorious one for the Corporation, the Board of Directors decided instead to move the corporation to Montana, which requires no licenses for it to operate.

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