The ‘Catholic Party of America’ T-Shirt

Catholics in the United States do not yet have a political party to represent their loyalty to Christ the King and see that the sweet Reign of His Sacred Heart save America. To promote this dream of true liberty, why not consider getting a Catholic Party of America T-Shirt, our TradeMarked Brand to promote true Christian Values in society?


The Shirt is a 50/50 Gildan Adult Uni-Sex Ultra Cotton T-Shirt, available in Large and X-Large bearing the provocative Name, “Catholic Party for America”, on the front and back, with unique historical arm patches. The Right Arm Patch features the Grand Union Flag, the first official Flag of the United States of America. On the Left Arm, the Patch features the Bedford Flag which is the first of all Revolutionary Flags in the original Thirteen Colonies. This Flag bore the Latin Motto, “Vince aut Morire”, “Conquer or Die!”.

Each Shirt sells for $50 USD and ships only to the United States of America, and her territories and possessions. First Class US Post Office Shipping is included. These shirts will ship after Dec. 5, 2023. This is a Limited  Edition of 50 shirts.

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