The Rule of the Ordo Militaris Catholicus

Allocution to all who read this Rule

A copy of the Regula Latina, the ancient rule of the Knights Templar

A copy of the Regula Latina, the ancient rule of the Knights Templar

1. To all Catholics who despise that life of mediocrity which consists in living for one’s own sake, and who aspire to keep and protect the Christian Faith and Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ, on earth, by the defense and liberation of their brother Catholics, even at the risk of their own life and limbs, We admonish you, who until now have led lives of worldly men, in which the service of Jesus Christ was not your sole ambition, to now undertake the Company and Fellowship of the Cross with the men whom God has chosen from the mass of perdition and whom He has ordered through His gracious Mercy to defend Holy Mother Church; and We urge you to strive to be of their company forever.

2. Above all things, whoever would be a member of Our Order, must in their profession of faith unite that pure diligence and firm perseverance, which is so worthy and holy and noble, that if it be preserved untainted in this life, will merit for you to partake of the Company of the Martyrs who gave their souls for Jesus Christ. In this Our Order we are to bring to life anew the tradition of Christian knighthood, which defends the innocent, the poor, widows, orphans and churches, and does not seek to plunder, despoil or slay the innocent by living by the sword.

Here begins the Rule of the Ordo Militaris Catholicus

3. Let all you Catholics who renounce your own wills to serve the Sovereign King of the Universe, Christ Our Lord, for the salvation of your souls, for a fixed term, strive everywhere and always with pure desire to hear daily Mass in whatever place he should find himself, and if it not be at hand, to recite instead 12 Our Fathers with a Requiem Aeternam for the poor souls. And let none receive but worthily and, if need be, with devout confession.

4. If any secular soldier or any other man desires to leave behind the mass of perdition and abandon the life of worldliness and share Our company, let it not be consented that he be received immediately, as the Apostle St. Paul teaches, “Prove every spirit to see if it is of God”. But if he be found suitable for any of the grades of membership, let this Rule be read aloud to him, and if he desires to studiously observe it, and it pleases the Master of Our Order or his delegate, and the brothers of that place, to receive him, let him reveal his desire and wish before all the brothers of that place gathered in chapter and let him make request to join Our Order with a pure heart, by placing his hand on the Gospel, pledging thus, upon bended knee before the Cross of Our Lord:  “For the love of Our Most High Lord and King, Jesus Christ, I pledge the service of X number of years, as a __________ (grade of service), in defense of my brother Christians and for the liberation of their persons, properties and lands, even unto the risk of life and limb; for which purpose I promise obedience to the Master of this Order and pledge to take up the Cross!” To which all the brothers assembled shall respond:  “Deus Vult! For there is no greater love than that he lay down his life for the love of his brothers! Fiat, Fiat. Amen!“— After which the Master or his delegate shall hand the new brother a wooden cross, which he shall kiss and reverence. And rising, let him be entrusted with the insignia of Our Order, by the Master or Delegate, saying, “Blessed the men who merit to bear our Insignia. May theirs be honor in life and glory in the world to come!“, and then let him be welcomed by all the brothers.

5. Let there be three grades of service in the Order: the Man of will, the Man of service, and the Man of lists:  the Man of Will, who provides for his own expenses and takes no salary; the Man of service, who seeks no salary, but relies on the Order for his expenses; and the Man of lists, who for need of his family, accepts a modicum of salary. Let the first be honored, the second thanked, and the third respected.

6. Let all of the new brothers, who attained Military Rank in the world, before their profession, hold that same rank in the Order. Let those who were officers, be numbered among our commanders in the field; Let those who are religious or clergy, be numbered among our commanders of counsel. And let all who distinguish themselves in battle receive due recognition and honor.

7. It is the duty of the Master and Council to decide upon all things for the Order; but the duty of the Council of Commanders in the Field to plan and execute all military and security actions undertaken by the Order. Let the Master be one, the Council be 12, the Council of Commanders as many as is useful, and let all the brothers obey them.

8. Let the brothers, who are not infirm, abstain from eating meat every Friday, except Christmas, in honor of the Passion of Our Lord, and let it be that no brother permits another to become drunk during any season of the year. And let none consume anything which alters the natural disposition of the body to purity or of the mind to sobriety.

9. Let all the brothers honor the feasts of the Patron Saints of Our Order with mass and common meal, as much as this is possible.

10. Let no brother incite another to anger or offense, and let all strive to keep the peace among all the brothers, urging all to reconciliation, when offended.

11. Let no brother blaspheme or take the name of the Lord or of the Saints in vain, and let all strive to root out this vice by diverse habits of speech. And let all suffer themselves no way to deviate from the right and Catholic Faith.

12. Let no brother transgress Christian modesty, nor suffer another to do so; and let none be found who keeps whatever is conducive to the vice of impurity.

13. Let all strive to mortify their flesh as is necessary for their particular constitution, and let no one induce another to gluttony or vice.

14. Let all the brothers, who are laymen, strive to be better trained in the arts of war and in the discernment required to use them for the good and not out of passion. Let them guard and protect the possessions of the Order and not suffer them to be pillaged by anyone, brother or foe.  And let them keep the equipment of war in good and ready order.

15. Let all the brothers commend themselves and their daily duties to the Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary, under whose mantle, by this Rule, We have placed the protection of Our Order and of all whom We serve for sake of Her Son. Amen.

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We recommend that all, desiring to join the Order, first read this short article on the moral obligation imposed by the Pledge of our Rule.

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