Videos about Ordo Militaris Inc.

6th Anniversary of the Founding of the Order — Q & A on Youtube

In this 45 minute program, Br. Alexis Bugnolo, President of Ordo Miltiaris Inc., and by Mr. A. J. Baalman cofounder spoke about the Order, it’s founding, and its past achievements, as well as its current projects.

Full Disclosure interviews Br. Bugnolo, President of Ordo Militaris Inc.

Full Disclosure is a Series of Videos produced by Restoring the Faith. Media In this video, Br. Bugnolo is interviewed by the founders of RTF Media: Mike Parrot and Jozef Schutz, on the topics of the origin of the Order, its purpose and goals and its needs for investors to achieve its goals. Mike and Jozef are engaging hosts and you will enjoy all 38 minutes of the program.

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OMC Investment Promotion Video 1.0 version

entitled, The Building of a New Crusader Spirit.

This video was produced by A.J. Baalman who has a YouTube Channel, named “Ordo Militaris TV””, dedicated to the Order and things which interest the Membership. It was produced with Microsoft Power Point and public domain materials. With the help of a OMC LM member, Ordo Militaris Inc. was able to purchase licensing rights to two soundtracks which makes the Video enjoyable to watch and inspiring. — If you are an expert in Video production or Graphics Art and would like to help the Order produce a more professional 2.0 of our Investment Video, please contact AJ at OMC Radio TV.

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