Basic Combat Training Drill Instructors

JOB AD — WANTED Drill Instructor for Basic Combat Training Program About the Order The Ordo Militaris Catholicus is an international defense and security initiative of Catholics for Catholics who are suffering persecution for their faith, where their defense and liberation requires military intervention or security actions, and this is allowed by local and/or international […]

Public Affairs Specialist

JOB AD — WANTED US Vet from any Branch of Service Public Affairs Specialist Candidate will have central role in developing and maintaining public relations and social media publicity for the Catholic Security and Defense Initiative, Ordo Militaris, Inc. at its US National Headquarters in Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA. Capable candidate will have a DD-214, excellent […]

Staff Recruiter Position

JOB AD — WANTED US Vet from ARMY or MARINES or SEALS Staff Recruiter Capable candidate will have crucial role in building a team of all levels of experience and rank; will be able to access his own personal network of contacts to find qualified candidates for future roles at Ordo Militaris Inc. the private […]