Statement of the Faith Obligation for all Members of

The Order Militaris Catholicus

Feast of St. Matthew, Apostle & Martyr
September 21, 2021 A. D.


To all the Barons, Baronets, Knights, Squires, Heralds and Lay Members of Our Order, peace and evangelical salutations:

   Due to the common and persistent request from members of our Order from all parts of the world, regarding the apparent conflict between the profession of our Holy Rule, according to the spiritual faith required to profess it, and the insistence of various governments, national and local, that all persons of certain social or economic categories receive the so called “Covid-19 Vaccines”, of whatever make or manufacturer, I have decided for the quelling of controversies in this matter to explain in this official circular letter, to all members, the grave and universally obliging character of membership in our Order which requires a priori that each and every member of our Order never under any condition whatsoever allow themselves to be injected with the aforesaid serums:

    First of all, as it says in the allocution to our Holy Rule, published at our founding:

Above all things, whoever would be a member of Our Order, must in their profession of faith unite that pure diligence and firm perseverance, which is so worthy and holy and noble, that if it be preserved untainted in this life, will merit for you to partake of the Company of the Martyrs who gave their souls for Jesus Christ. In this Our Order we are to bring to life anew the tradition of Christian knighthood, which defends the innocent, the poor, widows, orphans and churches, and does not seek to plunder, despoil or slay the innocent by living by the sword.

All members are required gravely as a prerequisite for membership to observe the worthiness, holiness and nobility which can merit from Jesus Christ the crown of glory in eternity, and that this profession must be preserved “untainted in this life”, that is, unspotted, unpolluted.

    And as regards the faith which alone obtains this, we must believe without condition or restriction, first of all, that we have been created by the Living God, the One True Creator of all, Who has endowed us with a human nature capable of life and prosperity, if we but observe His Laws. Among all His gifts and blessings, health is not guaranteed to us if we do not observe His Laws, and still less can we presume to keep the same if we spurn His Divine Majesty and Providence with which we must all believe that He has created and endowed us, even as regards our natural capacity of immunity.

    Ours is not to question the Divine Judgements but to recognize that as our Creator He has made us and designed us, and therefore, when He has clearly and in Scripture declared His will for us, we are obliged without question to apply that Will regardless of the claims of any mere mortal, peer or superior.

    This gift of life and nature is a holy thing entrusted to us, for the deliberate loss or destruction of which of which we shall be accursed as it says in Scripture (Leviticus 19:8)  “And he shall bear his iniquity, because he hath defiled the holy thing of the Lord, and that soul shall perish from among his people.” Yet the deliberate consent to taking these “Covid-19 Vaccines”, which have maimed and killed many, is tantamount to deliberate willing in causa of the risk of the loss and destruction of life.

    Again, the Lord has forbidden that we take the principle of life of another living thing into our bodies, when He declares, (Leviticus 19:26) “You shall not eat with blood.” And he forbids us to harken to the myths and claims of unbelievers, in the same verse, when He says,  “You shall not divine nor observe dreams.” Yet, any genetic or viral technology which introduces into the human blood a living thing or a principle of a living thing (mRNA, DNA) violates the former, while any justification of the same, since such justification must violate the Divine Order upon which reality is founded, must be reckoned a religious myth incompatible with our faith in God, and to be firmly rejected.

    Nor can we do what unbelievers do, simply because we live in lands where they do or command such things, as the Lord says, in Deuteronomy 18:9When thou art come into the land which the Lord thy God shall give thee, beware lest thou have a mind to imitate the abominations of those nations.” And thus no appeal to opinion, law, judicial sentence, ordinance or other such requirement can be allowed to persuade us to act contrariwise to the laws of God.

    Nor does the Lord permit us to have anything to do with those who kill or sacrifice children, as He Himself says in Deut. 18:10, “Neither let there be found among you any one that shall expiate his son or daughter, making them to pass through the fire…” Wherefore, we must never having anything direct or indirect, immediate or remote to do with medical practices or products, procedures or medicines or treatments which are associated in any way with the murder of children from the first moment of conception before or after birth.

    Nor can we suppose that we can be faithful if we are true in most things but fail in any one of these. Nay He clearly curses those who fail in their profession by accepting any of these horrors, as He Himself declares in Deut 18:11, “For the Lord abhorreth all these things, and for these abominations he will destroy them at thy coming.

    Hence, since the taking or use of these so-called “Covid-19 Vaccines” would violate each of the above, collectively and singly, as members of our Order we must hold that their use is gravely in violation of both the Divine Law which we profess as members of our Order, and of the perfection of its profession which we embrace as members by our Holy Rule.

    Therefore, in my capacity as acting Grand Master, I solemnly declare and testify, that as Members of Our Order you are gravely obliged to not accept, use, or allow to be injected into your bodies any so called “Covid-19” “vaccines” — whatsoever claim be made to their efficacy — for such constitutes a grave breach of our holy religion and profession.

   I therefore order and command, allow and permit all members to seek a religious exemption from the reception of the same, where the law permits. Even where the law does not permit, members are obliged to keep Faith with God, obeying him and “not men” (Acts of the Apostles 5:29).

Finally, I close with the exhortation found at the start of Our Holy Rule:

We admonish you, who until now have led lives of worldly men, in which the service of Jesus Christ was not your sole ambition, to now undertake the Company and Fellowship of the Cross with the men whom God has chosen from the mass of perdition and whom He has ordered through His gracious Mercy to defend Holy Mother Church; and We urge you to strive to be of their company forever.

In Christ Jesus, Deus vult!

✠ Brother Alexis Bugnolo, acting Grand Master


Ordo Militaris Catholicus
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Helena, MT 59601


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