Terrorism: any activity of a non-state agent or agency, which uses indiscriminate unjust violence against non combatants to achieve short or long term political goals.

Non-State Agent: Any individual who is not pledged to, sponsored by or under contract with a sovereign state.

Non-State Agency: Any group or organization or corporation which is not pledged to, sponsored, or under contract with a sovereign state.

Political Goals: Any objective which pertains to the alteration of the political status quo, whether in elections or in governments or in government policies, which would be beneficial to the terrorist agent or agency.

State Sponsorship: material or formal support such as in the recruitment, training, formation, funding, supplying or arming of any entity, which is given directly or indirectly by a sovereign state.

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PLEASE NOTE: Our Association and its entities use this definition of terrorism because we do not intend to enter into conflict with sovereign states. We do not accept the broader definitions of terrorism, which are advanced by certain sovereign states to fault other sovereign states while exclupating themselves from similar or analogous state sponsorship.


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