Donate a Full Military Pack to a Ukrainian Foreign Legionnaire

The Conflict in the Ukraine grows more intense day by day, and Volunteers from around the world are headed to the Ukraine to fight as members of the Ukrainian International Volunteer Legion. Members of our Order at our Commandery of St. Stanislaus, in Warsaw, Poland, are assembling full military packs to donate to these volunteers who are members of our Order.

Each Military Pack also includes 7 days of food, to supply each volunteer until he arrives at the Front.

The cost of the Military Equipment (No guns or ammo) is $2050 USD.

The cost of 1 week of Food with a portable stove is $450 USD

The TOTAL cost to equip one Legionnaire is $2500.

If you would like to equip one of these modern day heroic crusaders for Christian liberty, please make a donation below:

All funds will be used for the stated purpose and no part will be directed to any other end. Our corporation will only serve as intermediary for the purchasing of these supplies. No guns or ammunition are included. Only clothing and equipment for daily life and survival.

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