Donate a Military Pack to a Ukrainian Volunteer

The Conflict in the Ukraine grows more intense day by day, and Volunteers in Ukraine and from around the world are pledging themselves to the fight as members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Funds raised are send to our non-profit in Ukraine, which on a one by one basis will assemble full military packs to donate to needy Ukrainian volunteers on the front.

If you would like to equip one of these modern day heroic crusaders for Christian liberty, please make a donation below.

You can do so via Credit or Debit Card, by pressing this button:

Or you can send your donation via Bankwire, from either inside or Outside the United States of America. For wires, YOU MUST indicate PACK in your wire so that your donation goes to the stated purpose. A full pack costs about $2500 USD, but you can send any amount via bank wire.

Please note, that on Apple and Android Devices, you can use the WISE APP to make a payment via Bankwire, using Google Pay (GPay) or ApplePay.

You can also make a Payment via Bankwire from your Zelle Pay App.
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For bankwires in USD sent from your Bank, in the USA:

Account Name: Ordo Militaris Inc.
Routing # 084009519
Account # 9600004713610223
Account type: Checking
Bank: Wise, 19 W 24th Street, New York, NY 10010, USA

For Bankwires in USD from most countries outside of the USA*

Account Name: Ordo Militaris Inc.
Swift/Bic: CMFGUS33
Account Number: 822000407002
Bank: Wise, 19 W 24th Street, New York, NY 10010, USA

For Bankwires in Euros from countries in the EU and SEPA:

Account Name: Ordo Militaris Inc
IBAN: BE77967318468342
Account Number: 3184683
Bank: Wise, Avenue Louise 54, Room S52, Brussels, 1050, Belgium

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All funds will be used for the stated purpose and no part will be directed to any other end. Our corporation will only serve as intermediary for the purchasing of these supplies. No guns or ammunition are included. Only clothing, helment, body armor and other such equipment for daily life and survival.

For visualization purposes only, this is what a full military pack can include (Photo from the Commandery of St. Casimir, Warsaw, Poland):

NOTE WELL: We cannot receive bank wires from all nations:

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