The most effective way to save lives of civilians in zones of conflict is to have precise intel on their location.

As our Order is dedicated to the protection of civilians in war zones, we are asking your help to purchase one of the most effective low cost, long range, thermal drones on the market. Since the price tage per drone is $6000 USD, we have set up this donation page so that a great number of small donors can collaborate together to make the purchase of individual drones possible. — These drones will be donated to registered Charities overseas in zones of conflict:

Here is an example of kind of drones we are trying to purchase quantities of (due to operational needs, however, we might purchase other models):

If you would like to help us out, consider a contribution:

Or you can send your donation via Bankwire, from either inside or Outside the United States of America. For wires, YOU MUST indicate SAVELIVES in your wire so that your donation goes to the stated purpose.

Please note, that on Apple and Android Devices, you can use the WISE APP to make a payment via Bankwire, using Google Pay (GPay) or ApplePay.

You can also make a Payment via Bankwire from your Zelle Pay App.
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For bankwires in USD sent from your Bank, in the USA:

Account Name: Ordo Militaris Inc.
Routing # 084009519
Account # 9600004713610223
Account type: Checking
Bank: Wise, 19 W 24th Street, New York, NY 10010, USA

For Bankwires in USD from most countries outside of the USA*

Account Name: Ordo Militaris Inc.
Swift/Bic: CMFGUS33
Account Number: 822000407002
Bank: Wise, 19 W 24th Street, New York, NY 10010, USA

For Bankwires in Euros from countries in the EU and SEPA:

Account Name: Ordo Militaris Inc
IBAN: BE77967318468342
Account Number: 3184683
Bank: Wise, Avenue Louise 54, Room S52, Brussels, 1050, Belgium

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Note: No part of the funds raised will be used for any other purpose. All funds raised will be placed in a sequestered account. Funds released for purchase will go for the above product. Our Corporation has not received any financial gain nor does it endorse the product. Donor’s names will be kept in confidence, and will not receive solicitation in emails or mailings for further requests.

UPDATES: This project was begun on May 27, 2022

As of June 1, we are promoting this appeal on all social media platforms. Please do your part by sharing this page everywhere!

As of June 2, 2022, noon Kyiv Time, we have raised $75 USD. — 650 Persons have viewed this page.

As of June 3, 2022, noon time at Kyiv, we have raised $75 USD — 960 Persons have viewed this page. Google search engine has removed all reference to this appeal on all platforms from its database.  This is part of Davos’ agenda demanding that Ukraine surrender to Russia. — If we were not Christians, we’d tell them here where they can go…  You do likewise, by supporting and sharing this appeal! Thank you!

As of June 4, midnight Kyiv time, we have raised $175 – 1080 have viewed this page. Many thanks to our first 4 supporters. We are on our way…

As of June 5, 2022, Members of our Order in Europe started a fund raiser on buy me a coffee, for this same purpose.

As of June 6, 6 P.M. Kyiv time, we have raised about $325 (this includes a yearly pledge of $10 a month, or $100) – 1280 have viewed this page.

As of June 14, 9 A.M. Kyiv time, we have raised $345. — We can now receive your donations via bank wire.

As of June 15, 10 A. M. Kyiv time, 1312 persons have viewed this page. If each of you had donated $5, we would be almost able to purchase our first drone.

As of June 17, 3 P. M. Kyiv time, $400 USD has been raised.

As of June 23, 6 A. M. Kyiv time, $475 USD has been raised. – 1430 have seen this page.

As of June 25, 6 A. M. Kyiv time, $605 USD has been raised.

As of Dec. 31, $605 USD and 6000 euros has been raised.

As of March 1, 2023, we have disbursed $7000 USD for the purchase of the first drone.

NOTE WELL: We can only receive donations via bank wire from these countries:

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