T01 Series Prospectus

May 2019 Edition

If you are interested in knowing more about our T Series Stock Issues, simply download the Prospectus for the current issue (see below), which is formally offered for sale after May 15, 2017 A.D..*

Note, that this issue is being made under the SEC Rule 506(c) provision, which allows public solicitation and distribution of this prospectus. Due notice will be given to the Security and Exchange Commission of this Issue by means of the Form D filing for Exempt Securities after the sale of the first shares of this series.

By Mail

If you would like a paper copy of our prospectus sent by surface mail, write our US Headquarters at:

Series T Stocks Prospectus
Ordo Militaris, Inc.
302 N. Last Chance Gulch, Suite 409
Helena, MT, 59601

Phone: +1 (406) 299-9260

Be sure to include in your letter, your full address and phone number.

By Download

If you would like a PDF version of our prospectus, click here.


* Due to the merger of Ordo Militaris, Inc. of Cheyenne, WY, USA and Ordo Militaris, Inc., of Helena, MT, USA, on April 19, 2017, the sale of these securities will resume on May 15, 2017 for administrative reasons.

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