For those who cannot afford to Pledge as Members of Our Order, we offer this Merit System, whereby you can merit to be a member in our Order by means of your assistance in recruiting new members. — For those who are already Members, you can upgrade your membership, by also participating in this Program.

See our Declaration of Dignities to understand the nature of each level of Membership.

For each individual you recruit to the Order, you will be rewarded with Merit Points, which you can use to purchase a membership in our Order.

Merit Points can also be used to win rewards, see Below for more information.

To Join our Merit Program

To join our Merit Program, write our HQ and send us your Name and Address, with the “Request to join our Merit Program”, as the subject line. — If you are not of legal age, have a family member who is of legal age contact us on your behalf.

Here are the amounts of Merit Points you will earn for each pledging member you recruit.

  • 1 point for each Lay Member
  • 2 points for each Herald
  • 4 points for each Squire
  • 8 points for each Knight
  • 20 points for each Baronette
  • 40 points for each Baron
  • 1 point for each Man of Lists
  • 2 points for each Man of Service
  • 5 points for each Man of Will

How to claim your Merit Points

When after you have joined the Merit Program, the new member pledges as a Member of our Order; when he or she does, you can then contact our offices and identify the new member in your correspondence, to claim your merit points. — If the new Member pledges monthly, you can only merit points if he fulfills his pledge throughout the entirety of the year promised. So keep him inspired to be faithful!

Here are the number of Merit Points to acquire membership in our Order:

  • 1 point to become a Lay Member
  • 5 points to become a Herald
  • 12 points to become a Squire
  • 40 points to become a Knight

Please note that after claiming your merit points, our HQ will contact you and confirm your merits. When you have sufficient merit points to purchase a membership in our Order, contact HQ and request this. You can merit as far as a Knighthood in our Order by means of our Merit Program.

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Merit points can also be used to win rewards

Here is what each reward costs in Merit Points:

  1. Pack of 50 Membership Broschures — 1 point
  2. Morale Patch — 2 points
  3. Lepanto Bumper Sticker — 3 points
  4. “Becoming soldiers of the Cross, Again!” Ebook — 4 points
  5. Lepanto Stickers — 5 points
  6. Lepanto Stamp Adhesives — 8 points
  7. Flag of Our Order’s Blue Cross — 32 points
  8. Lepanto Battle Flag — 50 points

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