As the old saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day”.

Likewise, the project ahead is so great, that unless we focus our forces and energies on each step toward forming the Order, we will not see it a reality.

What to do?


For this reason, the first duty is to get the word out: that is, publicity.

We need to recruit an audience of those favorable to the proposal, of prospective members, supporters and friends who will spread the word.

Those who wish to help organize such an audience, will be the first Auxiliaries of the Order, in the Public Relations Force.

OMC Recruitment Kit

If you are on Twitter, Retweet all our tweets which come from our Twitter Feed @MilitarisCath If you are a blogger, reblog our posts from our website, ordo-militaris.us If you are on other social media, please leave a comment and make a suggestion.

But the most effective promotion, will be recruiting others like yourself in your local area.

And for this, our HQ has prepared a handy Recruitment Kit, which contains all the necessary materials to promote the Order in your town, county, or state.

Just click on the image of the box, bearing our Blue Cross, to the right, to find out more about it.


Obviously, we need Auxiliaries throughout the entire Catholic world, not just in the English speaking part.

So it would be good to have Ordo Militaris Catholicus sites for every nation in which there are Catholics, so as to work to founding national chapters.

Start with a Twitter Feed and FB Page and Blog in the official language of your home country.

So, if you are able to read English, we URGE you to set up a blog, FB page or Twitter Feed in your native language for your Country, and repeat what our English Language Social Media accounts report, as well as information on your local activities. Whenever we suggest here a new activity, attempt to start the same in your country. We will share your news to make your national chapter sites known to all who read the English Twitter Feed.

Thank you!  And remember, Deus Vult! — God wills it!

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