America is burning. Cities are being destroyed, citizens murdered, businesses robbed and burnt to the ground. The Marxists have made it clear they plan to destroy the United States.

Marxism is a diabolic ideology, thought up by someone who admired Lucifer, fornicated, and taught his daughters to commit suicide.

Similarly Marxists aim to destroy their own nation, culture, religion, identity, sexuality and all that refers back to God. Marxists especially hate Jesus Christ and faithful Catholics.

While there are various ways to respond to civil war, depending on the level of conflict and risk in each part of the nation, and depending upon any personal responsibility you may have for others, as well as their ability to flee or not, for many prudence will counsel them to flee to the countryside as Our Lord advised us in the Gospels.

For those who have a second house or a place of refuge in the countryside with friends of family, they need not look any further. But for Catholics who do not and who are looking to remove themselves and or their families from risk in the best possible way, the Crusader Option may be just one solution.

Our Corporation, dedicated as it is to the defense and protection of Catholics, is proposing to like-minded Catholics to found high-security settlements in the countryside. We believe that this is a prudent response.

While specific and future prospects which are definitive cannot be made, now, in general it can be said, here, that such a plan aims to:

  1. Provide long term housing for Catholics at high risk of suffering injury of their persons and property in those parts of the country which are subject to civil unrest.
  2. Provide an environment to practice the Catholic Faith freely, without threats or menace from any quarter.
  3. Provide an environment for the development of economic activity of residents so that the community can be self supporting.
  4. Provide a community of like-minded Catholics who can use their civil rights and liberty to organize themselves to defend their human and constitutional rights.

If you are interested in such a proposal, consider the matter with care, prudence and much reflection. The decision to move from one place to another is not a light one. Watch our program on the Crusader Option, and if interested contact our offices at +1 406 299 9260.

If you personally consider yourself in a safe place already, but are still interested in participating as an investor in the project of developing such communities, feel free to contact our offices for further information. Thank you.

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