On the North Shore of the Island of Maui, in the State of Hawaii, USA, in the early hours of the morning of Easter Sunday, while the world was reeling at the horrific tragedy of the terrorist attack on Catholics in Sri Lanka, some person or persons entered the Catholic Church of Saint Anthony’s and ransacked it.

Here are some reports about the sacrilege:  Maui Now , Hawaii Now, and KITV4 ABC.

According to reports, this was the second act of vandalism in less than a month!

Saint Anthony’s is a Mission Church, served by the Marist Missionaries. As you can see its not a large church and has few parisioners. The Cost of Installing a security camera will not be easily met.

As soon as we heard of the crime, a representative of the Order contacted the Parish, to offer assistance in defray the costs of a security system with camera. Father Bunda has responded, welcoming the help.

Ordo Militaris Catholics, through its PMC, Ordo Militaris Inc., is dedicated to the security and defense of Catholics and Christians whose persons, property or Churches are threatened by persecution.

While the vandalism of a Catholic Church is, alas, a more common occurrence, Br. Bugnolo, our president, believes that the adage “charity begins at home” requires us to offer help to this Church in the United States of America, inasmuch as we can remembering that Every Church is a house of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks be to God that the Most Blessed Sacrament was not desecrated this time. God forbid the next time!

But since we believe the Lord has called our Order into existence to prevent such crimes, we must stand up and offer help!

The Order and its members responded by donating $1000 USD for a security system.

If you would like to continue to help directly, mail your check to

St. Anthony of Padua Church
1627-B Mill Street
Wailuku, Hi 96793


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