Recruitment Kit

Recruitment is the most important way to help the Order grow!

For more information on this and how to use this Recruitment Kit, listen to our Ordo Miltiaris Radio program on the topic, by clicking the Icon here to the left.

Our Recruitment kit includes the basic materials you need to start a local chapter and help the Order grow.


1) One Recruitment Manual & Membership Ledger

2) Fifty standard full color Business Cards

3) Twenty — 8″ x 11″ Posters

4) Three Copies of each of our Y and T Stock Prospectuses

5) A Form to request founding of Local Chapter from HQ

6) One Flag of the Order (3′ by 3′, Heavy sewn Nylon: Made in USA, with brass grommets)

7) A handy Box bearing the insignia of the Order, fit for storing Chapter records (12″ by 12″ by 2″).

All materials are in English.

To get your Recruitment Kit, please make a donation of $75 USD to offset the costs,
by pressing the button below and using your PayPal or Credit Card to make the donation.

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