Palladium Notes

Here you can acquire our Palladium Notes.*


Our Palladium Notes are a private currency (or voucher) denominated in grams (or milligrams) of the precious metal Palladium (Atomic symbol: Pd), and printed in full color security paper measuring 3 by 5 inches, protected by 5 security measures and a non sequential serial number unique to each note and edition. Bearing the words “Not Legal Tender” they conform to U.S. Federal and State Laws against fake currencies and unregistered securities.

The sale of these notes is currently offered in exchange for U.S. Currency. Upon the sale, the funds received in exchange are placed in an Escrow Account, so as to secure the repayment of the Note upon redemption. Ordo Militaris Inc. by its endorsement on the observe of each note guarantees contractually to redeem the note for its products and services (outside the USA) or for cash (in those countries where private currency is not unlawful) at the value had by the weight of the precious metal Palladium indicated on the note.  Thus a 1 Gram note will be held to have always the value of the spot price* of 1 gram of palladium. Our notes are denominated in Palladium to avoid the U.S. Treasury laws against denominating private currency in U.S. Dollars and to provide for a value for each note which is independent of any legal tender or private currency already in circulation. Note Well: this means that the value of each Note will fluctuate with the spot price of Palladium. Ordo Militaris Inc. and its successors in Law will regard these notes as having the stated value in perpetuity.

Our Palladium Notes will feature artistic montages commemorating the Crusades of Old and the famous Catholic Crusaders and Clergymen who participated in them to honor the memory of their heroic deeds, without constituting an endorsement of their less valorous accomplishments.

These notes are for sale to the general public. Their sale is recorded and registered on the books of our corporation so as to comply with U.S. Laws against knowingly creating a system of money exchange which is unregistered and thus liable to use by money launderers. This registration will also assist our Order in authenticating the notes and investigating any possible crime that may be committed in their use or theft.

REDEMPTION: These notes can be redeemed for our products and services via the surface mail by including them in a letter to our Corporation’s address (see Contact Page) with a list of the item or items, service or services requested. Any excess value will be reimbursed in US Currency if less than the value of any Palladium Note offered. At the request of the holder, these may also be exchanged solely for U.S. Currency, in full, at the spot price of Palladium on the day they are received via surface mail. Holders of these notes must indicate how they want the funds remitted to them, whether by Check, Bank-wire or PayPal. Remittances paid by check will be charged the fee to draw and mail the check. Remittances by Bank-wire will be charged the standard Bank-wire fee in the USA (which is approx $35 USD). Remittances via PayPal will be made in full with no fee other than those taken by PayPal for the transaction. For security reasons, the redemption of these notes will only be had via the Mail, and not in person.

Limitations on Redemption: Redemption of these notes is possible only to the holders of the notes. If you purchased notes from us and they were stolen, notify our offices immediately of the theft and we will replace them for a small fee. Note, however: If you hold our notes, but did not purchase them from us, we cannot make this guarantee of replacement in cases of theft. Notes will only be redeemed if they are returned whole or in a majority of their parts and with the full serial number entirely visible. No note which is counterfeit will be honored.

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1 Gram Palladium Note

The obverse of our 1 Gram Palladium note features Raymond of St. Gilles, the Count of Tripoli

The reverse of our 1 Gram Palladium note features the siege and capture of Tripoli by the combined forces of Godfrey of Bouillon and Raymond of St. Giles.



Today, each of these notes are offered in exchange for $49.39 USD per 1 gram note.*

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* These notes are offered for “sale” in the sense that they are vouchers to be redeemed for the sale of products and services in the future, and as such, there is no sales tax applicable for the present acquisition, though there is added a surcharge of $1.25 USD for shipping and handling on each order. — Outside the USA, these notes have the legal status of vouchers. — Note Well: that the images of our Palladium Notes on this page differ significantly from the actual notes to prevent counterfeiting. To authenticate any note, please contact our offices for more information. — Spot Price of Palladium: By spot price we mean the spot price at New York, USA, of 1 troy ounce of palladium divided by 31.1034768 grams per troy ounce, not the spot price of dealers who sell 1 gram palladium bars.

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