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Donate to the Beirut Humanitarian Relief Fund!

This donation will received via the Stripe payment gateway. 100% of Funds donated will be distributed to the needy through Catholic relief agencies in the city of Beirut. Please be Generous! by clicking the button above.

NOTE WELL: Before using a Debit or Credit Card, make sure you have asked your Bank to authorize charges online in the U.S.A., and to raise your daily limit to the amount which you intend to give.

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Ordo Militaris Inc., a Montana Corporation dedicated to the humanitarian assistance of victims of terrorism, has established a fund for the relief of those who have suffered the catastrophic explosion of Ammonium Nitrate stockpiles in the port of Beirut, on August. 4, 2020.

As of August 11, 2020, there are 220 known dead, and more than 6,000 injured. The port has been entirely destroyed and the city rendered uninhabitable in many of its neighborhoods. Churches also have been gravely damaged.



Updates and news about this Humanitarian Effort will appear regularly on this page.

Ordo Militaris Inc. is a Catholic humanitarian corporation founded in 2016 for the defense of persecuted Christians. Our response to this tragedy is part of the duty of our mission to defend Christians in the MidEast. Modern Lebanon is the only country in the MidEast where Christians have been able to live in peace. It is also the homeland of Christian Maronites and Melkites who have preserved the Faith through 1300 years of persecution.

Ordo Militaris Inc. is not affiliated with any other entity nor with any government. We are apolitical and conduct our missions solely to defend individual Christians or Christian communities. If you would like to help our Corporation establish an office in Lebanon, please contact our offices for more information.

As part of our dedication to mission, no overhead expenses will be taken from your offering to this Fund. Our Corporation in the USA has no paid employees, only volunteers. This makes our effort unique and gives you the advantage of having 100% of your offering arrive in Lebanon and directed to victims of this catastrophe.

GOALS: When the funds raised exceed 25,000 USD, our Corporation will send a representative to Lebanon to assess the situation on the ground BEFORE releasing any funds. The cost of this mission will be taken entirely by the Corporation and not charged to this Fund. The purpose of such a visit will be to understand better which groups are actually helping the Christians who have suffered in this tragedy, so as to know how to have the greatest humanitarian impact by the donation of these funds.

THE BEIRUT HUMANITARIAN RELIEF FUND will be an ongoing project of our Order, and has no set date of termination. In this way we hope to offer to Catholics throughout the world a unique way of helping the Christian victims of this tragedy in a way which is highly professional, transparent and intent upon the proper use of funds in the assistance of the truly needy.

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